Sell Original Kraton's Palace Antiques

Thursday, January 16, 2014 , Posted by Awank Kurniawan at 9:42 AM

The antiques are....


1. Painting of Sri Sultan Hamengku Bowono V

Paper Length: 59 Cm

Paper Width: 43 Cm

The length of Painting: 41 Cm

Painting Width: 28 Cm

Year of Creation: the century to 15

Painter: Alm. Raden Saleh

Materials: Drawing conte

Title: Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono V

Price offered: Rp. 3500000000, - or EUR 31.000.

Rates are subject to change ².

2. Italian Marble table

Diameter: 50 Cm

Height: 75 Cm

Year of Creation: 1028

Creator: Italy

Additional: 4 chairs

Material: -. Jati Black Wood(Pool Table and chairs ²)

-. Marble Italy (section on Tables)

Price offered: Rp. 80,000,000, - or USD 6.700.

Rates are subject to change ².

If you get some interested, you can contact me by an email or by phone.



Best regard,

Muhammad Kurniawan ==================



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