New Item from Yogya Etnic Company

Tuesday, February 16, 2010 , Posted by Awank Kurniawan at 9:43 AM

 Here is the New Item from Yogya Etnic Company.

Check this out :

1. Akik Kecubung Wulung Stone:
    Use for -. attaction another persons.
                -. making great your aura.
    Price = Rp.1.250.000

2. Buntat Kluwak Fossil.
Found at Renehan Beach, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Use for : attration and make rich the owner
Price :.Rp.1.000.000

3. Akik Badar Milk Stone.
-. It was take from another world (Ghaib World)
-. Unknown function.
Price : Rp.1.000.000

4. Green Weed Stone.
- Unknown function
- From The Elders.
Price : Rp.1.200.000

5. Canine Deer.
- From the Elders.
Price : Rp.2.000.000

6. A pair of rings Kol Buntat.
Price : Rp.1.000.000

7. Kalimaya Milk Stone.
Price : Rp.750.000

8. Cone-shaped ice Stone.

Price : Rp.1.150.000

9. Unknown Green Opal Ring. (The Best)

Price : Rp.2.500.000

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